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LTS-Troja is not just a tracking device with a state-of-the-art high-security back-end solution, but also a support services tailored to your respective requirements. No hidden charges, no “in-between the lines” contracts! What you see is what you get – the best tracker available.

Unmet Usability

LTS-Troja developed a mobile-optimized and device independent user interface, which significantly increases usability and efficiency during field operations by providing an easy to use solution.

Technology meets Innovation

15,000 hours of hardware development, 6500 hours of software development paired with tons of marketing creativity and many data-driven decisions make LTS-Troja not just a tracker, but the one and only tracker for your demanding jobs.

Core Features

High-Performance Battery

Enables a run-time of four to up to six weeks in live-mode and is charged via an induction pad


Built-in microchip facilitates worldwide coverage and aggravates traceability

Water- & Shock-proof Shell

The sealed case of Troja ensures safety of the technical components and prohibits misuse

LTS-Troja Tracker T1

Multi-Satellite Support

Four separate satellite systems guarantee for highest reliability and allow for international operations

Data-Security & Encryption

1024bit transmission encryption and usage of high-security server systems provide maximum security

Responsive User-Interface

State-of-the-art software eases the usability of the Troja system for all user-levels

Your needs are
at the Center
of our Attention

At LTS-Troja we push ourselves and our partners to deliver the most comprehensive and user-friendly solutions. We work with our clients – people like you – to identify the best possible ways to meet and exceed your expectations.

Troja tracker is developed by experienced industry insiders with the aim to simplify routines of surveillance operators.
The integrated end-to-end solution offers the security provider to re-focus on his core business.


We operate from Switzerland with distribution partners across many geographies. The hardware we produce is manufactured in small batch and hand-assembled in Europe.


LTS-Troja developed a mobile-optimized and device independent user interface
. Our aim is to significantly increase usability and efficiency during field operations by creating an easy to use solution.

The user interface automatically adapts to the used device, hence always offers the most optimal option.

Satellite systems

The integration of all four major satellite systems makes Troja the currently best accessible GPS tracker available.


Comprehensive set of functionalities

While all major functionalities are available from all support devices, the list of other features includes for example: case management, full access to settings from mobile devices, alarms, and many more

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All functions are controlled through the software, which makes the operator entirely independent.

Free software updates & Google Maps

Deployment of software updates will be free of charge for clients with active support plans
By using the map services of Google, we can assure frequently updated map material, constant improvement and high accuracy.


    Team TROJA


Troja is not just a tracker it’s a new way of working. More focused, more efficient, more lean. And as always in life  positive change comes at a price.

If you like what you got – once you have it – shoot us a note and we’ll be happy to share it for you on our website
. We are determined to give you the best what money can buy and we will rely on you to tell us what we can do better.

As most of all – we want YOU to enjoy our products.

How can we help you?


What is included in the package?

LTS’s Troja tracker is shipped together with an induction charger, charger cables. As the tracker is sealed the battery is built in already and not delivered separately.

Which countries does LTS-Troja sell to?

Currently our products are being sold in Switzerland and all EU countries. In case you are buying from a country not mentioned above, please get in touch with our sales department at

How do I cancel services?

Currently our contracts are bound to a two-year run rate with no auto-renewal. After this cancellation can be requested yearly with a month notice prior to the period of contract. In case you are unsatisfied with our services, please let us know and our service team at and we will work out a solution for you.


Please note: you will also have to re-new your contract prior to its expiration date, but at least one day in advance.


Currently LTS-Troja doesn’t offer auto-renewal service contracts yet, but we are working to get this out to you as soon as possible so you have to worry about only more thing less
. Live Tracker Systems also reserve the right to cancel contracts according to its terms & conditions, in such case payments will be returned aliquot.

Services of Live Tracker Systems

Live Tracker Systems ensures 24/7 customer access to the servers and the
connectivity of Live Tracker System’s products Troja to the respective servers. Customer is solely responsible for its internet connectivity himself. Live Tracker System is not liable for shortcomings of third parties or supplier companies or
mobile operators.

How long are our contracts?

Once bought the tracker box is yours and comes with out any further contractual obligations.


The services required to run the tracker are bound to two-year contracts and cover mobile data coverage as well as the user interface to maintain and manage your tracker.

What types of payment do you accept?

As we are new to the market we can currently only accept advance cash payments to our bank account

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. We are working on further payment options to be available soon.


Please note: your tracker can only be shipped after positive confirmation of payments received.

How long will it take until I receive my tracker?

Currently delivery times are roughly 6 weeks, starting at the positive confirmation of you payment received. Delivery times may vary by country though.

Payment conditions

In case you decide to move from one plan to the other you can do this at the end of every year of your contract’s runtime at no extra charge. The annual fees are to be made in form of advance payments, two weeks Payment without deduction two weeks after the invoice date. After the second request for payment of online access can be restricted or closed.

Got more questions?

Why don’t you send us an email at and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

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